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March 30 2015

Check In Policy:

All guests Must check in at Store. Any vehicle on premise without a pass will be escorted to the store for proper registration. We are unable to alllow guests to check in early during the summer months. Cabin check in time is 4pm. Camping is 1pm. We welcome you in to the resort prior to check in & you can plan activities for the day of arrival as well as go to the river or the the pool to swim! All early check ins must be arranged in advance if permitted.

Cancellation Policy:

For 1 Cabin, Campsites, Float Trips or Trail Rides, you must cancel 7 days prior to your reservation.

All cancellations incur a 10 dollar fee.

Cancellations made past the cancellation date forfeit your entire deposit.

Cancelling the Log Cabin, Rock Castle, Cabin 21, Cabin 2, Cabin 22 or the Bunk House requires a 30 day notice prior to your arrival.

Cancelling two or more cabins requires a 30 day notice prior to your arrival.

Visit our FAQ page for further questions.

Raincheck Policy:

If it is raining at our resort through noon on the day of your float, we will issue a raincheck for the floating portion of your reservation.

Inclement weather for activities is up to the discretion of Blue Springs Ranch.

We do not issue refunds or rainchecks for Cabins or Camping Reservations resulting in undesirable weather conditions.

Visit our FAQ page for further questions.

Quiet Hours Policy:

Blue Springs Ranch is a Family-Friendly Resort. We have enforced quiet hours beginning at 11pm and ending at 7am. We ask that all radios are turned off and that a normal noise level is maintained and to be courteous of neighboring campers. Our quiet hours are to ensure that our guests receive a peaceful nights sleep in the outdoors. Late night security will enforce quiet hours when necessary.

Guests that are repeatedly asked to adhere to quiet hours policy may be asked to leave

If a camper next to you is being disruptive or inappropriate at any time, the first thing you should do is mention it to security if it is the evening. If the store is open and you are having trouble locating security please come and tell us and we will get them for you. If it is after hours, they should be patroling and when you see them driving by, stop them and they will help you.

Visit our FAQ page for further questions.

Pet Policy:

Pets are welcome at Blue Springs Ranch! If you are staying anywhere in the park, your pet must remain on a leash at all times. Remember that you will not be the only one in the park with a pet, so in order to prevent any accidents or injuries, your pet must remain on a leash at all times.

Pets are allowed in cabins. Pets incur a $25 pet fee. Limit two pets. All pets must be registered with the store. When checking in a pet, you will be required to sign an agreement stating that you agree to pay for any damages your pet has caused including but not limited to physical damages or extraordinary cleaning. You will also be required to leave credit card information on file with your signature authorizing us charge your card for additional fees. You will be made aware of these fees but we reserve the right in advance to charge your credit card.

Discounts Policy:

Saturdays & Sundays in July are excluded from all discounts offered from within our Business as well as any external promotions. We reserve the right to modify the blackout dates at any time based on business volume. All promotion redemption requires advanced reservations and our staff will inform you of blackout dates at the time of reservation. Any guest dropping in on a black out day, will be subject to the full price of the activity. Your voucher will be honored on a date of your choosing within our available redemption dates.

Visit our FAQ page for further questions.

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